Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Does she even listen to herself?

There was an interview by David Bowman in Salon of Ann Coulter last week (I'm a little behind in my reading and still catching up on the liberal US sources I wasn't reading while on vacation), and I just can't believe this woman can spout some of the crap she does. Does she not listen to what she is saying?
["Something About Raymond"] runaway popularity is because it is one of the rare shows on TV right now that is not about gay men. - [Teru's note for those who haven't looked at a US television schedule EVER, there is only one 30 minute television show which feature gay characters]
And sodomy is gleefully laughed upon now. I keep telling my friends in Hollywood that I have a novel idea for a new TV show -- "How about a show about a heterosexual couple."
One of them is the fact that we can only have two tablespoons of water in our toilet bowls because of some idiotic conservation of water. It's wacky enough for liberals to think about global warming, but that we would run out of natural resources? It rains. The water doesn't go away. Because of liberal government bureaucrats, they decided that we can only have two tablespoons of water in the toilet. You throw half a tissue in the toilet and you have to flush it 16 times.
Bowman: Haven't you heard of this natural phenomenon called drought? This is the first summer in ages that New York hasn't been on drought alert. It would rain in the city, but not over the damn reservoirs. Was the sky filled with Republican clouds or Democratic ones?
I'm confident that the reservoirs are full after this spring.
The idea that the Supreme Court will save us from cops knocking down doors and busting through the walls is absurd, is just preposterous. It was an odd fluke.
Bowman: OK, so it's up to the community to decide whether or not to burn queers in the public square...
Right. That preserved the maximum freedom.
Bowman: What's your take on [Tony Blair]?
I think he is a model for liberals in this country. Why don't we have any liberals like that? This is what the Democratic Party should be. Why can't they be for all their other little issues -- gay marriage, abortion, confiscatory taxes -- but agree to defend America? Blair is the one patriotic liberal in the world.
Right, well, I've only quoted a few choice parts, but go read the full interview. The woman is just SCARY!

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