Wednesday, July 02, 2003

rest of the day

I was just damned irritable all day today. Post menstrual syndrome perhaps? Probably not. I’m just cranky, and unmotivated for work (not good since summer is a busy time for us), and wishing I was already on vacation tramping about England and having a first in the flesh meeting with the Doctor. Hmm, bit of stream of consciousness here, but every time I call him that I keep thinking he should be a Time Lord.

Anyhow, something good did happen today at work. At the end of a really depressing meeting where we looked at another school’s intranet and saw what we could do if we had money and staff and an administration that was willing to tell departments that they get their stuff online or lose their jobs, I was given a compliment by the head of a project group that we work with, someone who has been with the school for quite a while. I thought that was very nice. However, when I had a meeting with my boss later, she said she mentioned the compliment to her boss and the head of HR. It seems this woman does not give compliments easily (and this was not the first time she has said something to my boss, just the first time I was in the room when she said it). Since we’re trying to get my position upgraded, this is a major plus for me. And it just generally felt good. I like that aspect of my job (working with that project team) and it’s really nice to know that they think I’m doing a good job.

That’s it for now I think. I’m feeling a bit better now that I’m home, and enjoying IMing the Doc (and helping him write a cover letter). Tomorrow is another day.

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