Friday, July 11, 2003

My Day So Far

I get to the train and decide to take the last car so I can get off at Harvard Square near the entrance by the banks. I need to go to the ATM to check my balance and see if my paycheck has *finally* hit my account. The train comes in and it smells like someone built a fire of old tires and lit it with crayons. Okay. Fine. Disabled train, everybody off. They finally get it out of the station, which is filling with smoke, another train comes and we all cram on.

So I get to the square late, right when it starts to rain. I have no umbrella (yes, I knew it would rain, but I thought I would be at work by then). I go the closest bank, pop in my card, enter my PIN, choose Balance Inquiry - Checking. "Transaction Processing. Retaining card for your protection." Huh? Receipt spits out. "Stolen card" WHAT THE F*CK!?!

It's not my bank, but I run in and go to the first person I see, in a panic. She takes my ID and does get the card out of the machine and give it back, but now I have to deal with my dui gam bank and find out what the christ they did to *my* ATM card. Not good. Not happy

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