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I avoided the crowds yesterday and did not go down to watch the fireworks. A couple of years ago I did take the train to Kendall and hang out on the bank near the bridge (I've done the bridge too, but that gets TOO crowded), which was nice. But of course I spent hours on the phone and online with a certain someone (who made me sign up for an H2G2 account), so would have had a hard time getting down there in time. But I did get to see them.

Ouside my building there were two trucks parked in the middle of the street. I realized they could see them, so went out and stood in front of a parked car (thereby being in the street but not in the path of traffic) and watched. It was really quite nice (okay, there were those moments when I kept thinking of cities being bombed, but then I focused back on the colors).

And then came back for another phone call until the wee hours :) A good night overall.

Tonight's planned activites are beer and BJD to celebrate Naz's taking of the GRE this morning.


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