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Summer Nights

We found a way to cool down the apartment somewhat. It's set up so that you can never get a cross-breese, but we found that if I keep my bedroom door open and place a fan in the hallway, we can draw some of the cool air from the AC out into the rest of the apartment. Got it down to 83° on Sunday which was cooler than the hallway outside our unit.

So the struggles I had with the AC have been worth it in the end, but were apparently not the end of me doing random houshold things in the buff. Last night the cat knocked a glass off the counter in the kitchen.

Naz was in her nightshirt talking on the phone (the phone having nothing to do with the nightshirt, but it was 11:00 pm and you've probable guessed where this is going), and I was already in bed reading. So I go out to see what the noise was and we realize kitty was bad (and of course trying to investigae the glass-strewn floor in his bare paws) and we have a clean-up in Aisle 6. Throw the cat in my bedroom and kneel down and start picking up glass. Not only am I barefoot, but I'm bare-assed. Naz swept up most of the glass and I went over the floor with a damp sponge getting the smaller pieces. We opted not to take out the vacuum and piss off the neighbors at that hour.


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Kitchen table

So I made a table.

We really needed a kitchen table, in addition to other things in there that will be coming later, and Spouse and I disagreed on they style. I wanted a formica '50s jobbie like I used to have years ago and he preferred a farmhouse style. The ones I like, however, are rather expensive. So I went with farmhouse and decided to make it myself.

I found the Ana White site, which has TONS of plans of every level. The Narrow Farmhouse Table was the style I was looking for, but not the size. Fortunately the plans are very clear and I was able to alter it to make the table the size I needed.

I decided to go for a cheaper wood for the bottom of the table and paint it. My main concern was just that it be sturdy so I went for poplar. In retrosepct, I think I should have gone for something heavier as the table top is oak which is incredibly heavy. All the planks were purchsed in standard widths and cut to the right length at Home Depot. That saved me a lot of time and probably…

Squash Blossoms

I haven't planted any squash this year (although some sort of marrow or melon is growing in the compost heap) but I saw some squash blossoms at the farmers' market on Tuesday and thought I'd give them a whirl.

We have found that in the summer we consume less milk, but have not actually cut back on our milk order. This has been leaving us with a lot of extra milk at the end of the week and I've been trying to find ways to use it. Last week I made yogurt1 and a few weeks ago I did a fresh cheese with herbs.The cheese was really yummy and easy so I opted to try that again and make stuffed squash blossoms.

I do not have pictures of the cheese-making process, but it was quite easy.
Gather random herbs from the garden (I used oregano, basil and sage)Chop said herbsPut milk and herbs into a pot and bring to a boil.Add 1 cup buttermilk (I make it from powder)Add 1/4 cup vinegar - the curds will separate almost instantly.Drain curds in cheesecloth. Add some salt
The n…

Bad me! Not enough Posting!

So Katell is on spring break and stopped by the office today. It was good to see her, but she berated me (okay, in a nice way) about not updating.

So, what's been new with me? (like you care)
Got an upgrade and raise at work. Now I can work long hours without over-time pay! Oh Boy!
The Doc is coming to visit in April. With luck, I'll get most of that week off from work too.
The Om Coll's Kabaretts at the Zeitgeist are going well. The third one of this year will be April 9 and should be a fabulous show. I'll post the press release and poster when it's finished.
My Om Coll persona now has her own web presence too. It kind sucks right now, but I've not been working to hard on it lately. And I've been doing most of it in a text editor.