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Summer Nights

We found a way to cool down the apartment somewhat. It's set up so that you can never get a cross-breese, but we found that if I keep my bedroom door open and place a fan in the hallway, we can draw some of the cool air from the AC out into the rest of the apartment. Got it down to 83° on Sunday which was cooler than the hallway outside our unit.

So the struggles I had with the AC have been worth it in the end, but were apparently not the end of me doing random houshold things in the buff. Last night the cat knocked a glass off the counter in the kitchen.

Naz was in her nightshirt talking on the phone (the phone having nothing to do with the nightshirt, but it was 11:00 pm and you've probable guessed where this is going), and I was already in bed reading. So I go out to see what the noise was and we realize kitty was bad (and of course trying to investigae the glass-strewn floor in his bare paws) and we have a clean-up in Aisle 6. Throw the cat in my bedroom and kneel down and start picking up glass. Not only am I barefoot, but I'm bare-assed. Naz swept up most of the glass and I went over the floor with a damp sponge getting the smaller pieces. We opted not to take out the vacuum and piss off the neighbors at that hour.


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The Doc and I had the following email exchange yesterday:The Doc: I just noticed, I can't find your England Report on your blog, you say you will tell people what happened but I can't find the actual info

Teru: Hmm, I should put that up, shouldn't I

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