Tuesday, July 01, 2003

July 1

Feeling the need to blog even thought I've nothing to say. I just couldn't leave it with no entry for the first of the month.

Got into another online argument today, this one about feminism and how some people can't tell the difference between a dogma and individuals (okay, so it was more than that but I'm feeling pissy). Also was being mocked (although they claimed otherwise) about flirting with someone much younger than I. Grrr. Yeah, I know, I kvetched about this myself, but at least I did it in my own blog space and not "How come older women can flirt with younger men and not the other way around?" and the oh so tasteful, "its not very hard to give a teenage boy a hard on is it?" Yeah, well let's face it, it doesn't take much to get most men hard.

I'm just pissed off about the whole thing. Fuckers. Yeah, I have a sex drive and I'm a woman, that's the real issue. Older men still look at younger women, but now that women are socially allowed to be human beings and have sexual lives, petty little men get stuck on this. There was an actual cry that if the sexes were revered it would be called pedophilia. No it would not! Look people, 18 is not a child. Fully mature, no, but honestly, who is? And 18 is the age of consent (or greater than) in all 50 US states and in all of the UK. Get over it.

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